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Research Examples

TRIAD Research Group's Discoveries 

Customer Satisfaction Measurement and Tracking:

To maintain a high quality of service, many companies rely on the people uniquely qualified to give them answers – their customers.  Surveying customers about their experience can provide valuable information about strengths, areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. Organizations can translate these results into actionable changes so they are better equipped to meet the needs of their client base. TRIAD conducts one time measurement and ongoing tracking surveys for a variety of companies and public sector organizations.


Ballot Issues:

Having the right campaign message is crucial to the success of any issue campaign. Each year, TRIAD surveys thousands of voters in various cities, counties, school districts, library systems, etc. to measure support for possible ballot issues. TRIAD is a leader in the area of ballot issue research. Our customized surveys give organizations a strategic analysis of the likelihood of passing a tax issue and also help to identify the most effective campaign themes and messages.


Image & Perception Studies:

Companies and organizations are often interested in gaining a better understanding of how their brands are perceived in the markets they serve and TRIAD conducts research to identify this information. Armed with this knowledge, companies and organizations can develop strategies to better position themselves overall and relative to their competitors.

Long-Range Planning & Needs Assessment:

Gathering community-based information is often an integral part of long-range planning. TRIAD’s surveys have aided in the planning efforts of park districts, community colleges, vocational schools and county social services agencies.  The surveys measure satisfaction with current services, the perceived need for additional services, and the level of support for any new programs or services being considered. This community-based research is then integrated in the organization’s long range planning process.



Ad Development, Awareness & Impact:

To ensure a successful advertising campaign, many companies and organizations turn to TRIAD Research. We have been involved in various stages of developing an ad campaign, from helping to determine the message, to testing ideas, copy or ads, to conducting tracking surveys to measure the effectiveness of the ad or information campaign.




TRIAD has years of experience conducting business-to-business research. We have conducted quarterly tracking surveys of business owners to monitor changes on several key indicators of satisfaction and assess their interest in new services.  Our business-to-business experience varies from physicians and commercial bankers to insurance brokers and auto dealerships, just to name a few.



On-site/User Surveys:

For some clients the most useful information can be gathered from current patrons at the point-of-purchase or use site. TRIAD has conducted on-site interviews for several well-recognized organizations in order to give them a better understanding of their visitors or customers, i.e., an overall user profile, how they learned about the organization/facility, their motivation for coming, satisfaction with their visit and areas for improvement. This information is geared to aid the organization in increasing attendance or usage as well as overall satisfaction.

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