The TRIAD Research Team

We are a team of two senior consultants who specialize in delivering the information you need to do business and make confident decisions. 

Clint R. Van Dine

Principal & Vice President

With more than a decade’s experience in the field, Clint relies on his strong analytical skills to provide creative market research solutions.


Using his knowledge of various quantitative methods and multivariate statistics, Clint directs and analyzes a multitude of consumer research projects. His experience includes brand/corporate image studies, consumer satisfaction surveys, public utilities issues, health care research, financial products/services, new product development, and advertising-related research.


Clint holds a Master’s Degree from Cleveland State University’s Consumer-Industrial Research Program. He completed his undergraduate work in psychology and business at West Liberty State College. Clint worked as a program evaluation consultant prior to joining Tactical Decisions Group (now TRIAD) as an Analyst and Project Director.


Senior Analyst

Theresa’s extensive knowledge of quantitative research has been well honed during her tenure at TRIAD. In addition to quantitative study design, she uses her exceptional programming skills and knowledge of statistics to process complex data sets and perform advanced statistical analyses and data mapping.


Prior to earning a Master’s Degree in Consumer-Industrial Research from Cleveland State University, Theresa completed her undergraduate work at Baldwin-Wallace College.

Theresa Loszak